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The primary function of a music producer is translating the ideas of the artist to the arrangement; the session musicians and the knobs and faders of the engineer. Often the producer fulfills several of these roles himself and will also come up with ideas and alternatives with regards to the musical content. Every producer has a personal approach and specialization, often leaving a specific fingerprint on the final result. Lots of famous producers are highly in demand primarily because of their specific sound.

A good producer is also capable of recognizing the unique qualities of the artist and the potential of a song or the specific music he’s working on and he will know how to bring out these qualities in an optimal way. The producer has affinity with the artist and their style and knows how to direct and coach them to give their best performance. These coaching qualities are essential when working with talented, but inexperienced artists, who are used to perform their music in front of an audience, but can get insecure when trying to find the right focus in the more clinical environment of a recording studio.


At the same time the producer has to be able to keep some distance during the creative process, in order to maintain his sound board function as well. He also has to make sure to keep a close eye to the essential “hook” of the product and yet not lose the bigger picture out of sight, especially in the phase of the mixing process.

Because of my own experience as a singer-songwriter, performing artist, composer/writer, band member and (studio) musician, I know what it means having to deliver onstage as well as in a recording studio, both in a team and solo. In addition to that I’ve also been a teacher, talent scout and coach of young musicians and ambitious singer-songwriters. This experience taught me how to make people feel at ease by encouraging them, with enthusiasm, patience, tact and an open minded attitude, to deliver and be creative without feeling intimidated.

The combination of all these different experiences determines to a large degree the added value of my personal expertise.


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